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Played on Planet Rock, Amazing Radio Playlisted, BBC Introducing NE, Radio 3 Spain
"In their latest album Machinery, Newcastle’s trio Twist Helix offers angsty, synth-heavy send-ups to sexism and to the music industry. And like the best electronic music, they’re all tracks that make you want to dance" - Louder Than War

"One of the most infectious and diverse albums of the year" - Echoes and Dust
“Mature, honest and self-reflexive: Twist Helix's 'Machinery' is a bold, sweeping alt-pop culture critique" - Atwood Magazine
"Below the infectious glow of pop and indie disco, lies an important message about Twist Helix’s experience as a band and how the industry works and contributes to the wider culture" - When the Horn Blows
"For the last five years, Twist Helix have been diligently crafting their unique brand of politicised synth pop with a truly commendable work rate and playing shows across Europe in support of their ferociously DIY releases. Following on from 2018's Ouseburn, an album concerned with gentrification and the value of art, comes new release Machinery - another heavily polemic record fixating on the mechanics of the music industry." - NARCMagazine
"The album, on the whole, is a great and valuable insight for non-creatives into the culture of music production, and a great resource for artists to reassure that their struggles and concerns are being heard." - NeVolume2
"Machinery illustrates that Twist Helix are a band that’s continually evolving, but also a band that proudly stick to their strengths for euphoric pop bangers" - The Electricity Club
"A testament to their unshakeable work ethic and relentless creativity" - Spotlight

 "Their sound is reminiscent of classic europop, which when coupled with Garcia’s hard-hitting messages tackling modern day issues, combine to form an album that is unique and truly stands out" - Only a Northern One
"Machinery’ is packed with 11 singles with pop anthemic vibes, that grill our listening threads – interlocking our sense of the universal with rockin’ explorations" - Come Here Floyd 

"'Machinery' is awash with euphoria and righteous polemic" - Travellers Tunes
"From explosive openers to the new wave charisma, it is a completely refreshing cocktail of sound, shaken and poured to cleanse your palate of the usual repetitive sounds coming out of the industry" - Original Rock
About Good Night Little England: "The band’s confident lyrics are echoed by a similar sense of growth and power in the arrangement, with the band harnessing more of the electricity of their live performances in a studio setting." - Analogue Trash

"Since their 2018 album ‘Ouseburn, Twist Helix has developed and mastered an unmistakeable sound. Both original and innovative, Bea Garcia, Matthew Barron and James Walker destroy genre boundaries and blend eras of music with ease. Fusing 80s synth work, distinctive vocal hooks, arena-sized melodies and a driving indie disco rhythm section[...]" - Babystep
"Machinery as a whole piece is an incredibly accomplished body of work" - Dreamin Is Free
"Machinery is an album that has power. The relevance and strength of the songs and their messages are a good place to begin but as Twist Helix adds Bea Garcia's knockout vocals, powerful drumbeats and intertwining synth sounds, the album takes on even more power and sonic pleasure." - Spinditty
"One of of the most energetic and with more personality band of recent times" - Música Alternativa (Spanish)

"Machinery offers different songs with a common denominator: they're addictive, have catchy electronic synths, and in certain moments they can be euphoric" Muzikalia (Spanish)
 "A srong album and a worthy successor to 'Ouseburn'"- Artiestennieuws (Dutch)
A pulsating electro-pop song about how parts of the British indie scene undervalues the music or the artist who creates it"
- Popmuzik (Swedish)
  "A unique and distinguished sound" Alacant Indie (Spanish)



Played on Planet Rock, BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Radio 3 Spain
"Like the evil twin to their previous single 'Frida Kahlo', Twist Helix' latest single stirs images of violent strobes pumping light briefly into low-ceilinged basements. 'Vultures' is a passionate and angry, synth n rhythm, post-pop certified banger" - Raw Meat
"a blast of bloody joyous sound that’ll have you thrilled and throwing yourself around from the very start" - Local Sound Focus
"If you're a fan synth music and you've not heard this band - stop what you're doing and get this band in your ears!" - Dreaminisfree
"Featuring heavy synth work, disco beats and infectious lyrics that you’ll be singing along to in no time, ‘Vultures’ is a no-nonsense indie triumph" - She Makes Music
"explosive sound with intelligent and reflective lyrics" - The other side reviews
"dark and energetic power track [...] definitely worth hearing!"Music All New
With new wave infused elements and glittering disco rock, think of Blondie punk attitude meeting Depeche Mode gothic aesthetic"London Café
"Vultures is evidence of a band finding their own voice and not being afraid to use it to shout from the rooftops" - Analogue Trash

"a scathing attack on the Music Industries predatory culture"Find a Song
Interview with Original Rock
If you are a fan of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Klaxons, then you will love UK-based trio Twist Helix" -
 Interview with Nexus Music Blog
"I love this piece a lot, it's pretty insane" - Strike A Note
Alacant Indie