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OUSEBURN album 05/10/18

"Ouseburn promises social commentary, strident synths and stinging pop hooks by the bucket load" - M-Magazine (PRS Magazine), UK
"Jungle drums bearing down on Mordor-esque 80's synth, while frontwoman Bea takes vocalising to a new level [...] This is pretty strong stuff" - Freshonthenet, UK
"Ouseburn is everything a great album should be; dramatic, ambitious, intellectually stimulating and with a message" - Earthly Pleasures, UK
"Ouseburn does a remarkable job at sounding contemporary – and also relevant. With the decline of music venues and the changing face of the music industry itself, it’s refreshing to see a band tackle these issues, but at the same time pull off some very polished pop tunes in the process" - The Electricity Club, UK
"Bursting at the seams with infectious pop melodies, 80’s synths, tribal drums and Bea Garcia’s unique vocals, the album takes you on a journey through the streets of the band’s beloved Newcastle" - NARC Magazine, UK
"Their buoyant engaging sound has its synth elements but is also guitar driven and bristling with energy and the snap crackle pop of a driving indie anthem" - Trust The Doc (Demera Records), UK
"It opens with perhaps the most defiant and inspiring opening line of an album in recent years: “This city is not sleeping / It’s dreaming”"
 - Travellers Tunes, UK  
"We´re fascinated by their electronic sound " - Compact Cheese, Spain
Twist Helix clearly has their own distinctive style and new vision in music creation" - Grotesqualizer
"A masterpiece"
 - Headstuff, UK
Yo Tambien Soy Indie, Spain

NEWCASTLE single 24/09/18

"What a tune this is" - Amazing Radio, UK
"an anthemic offering that builds with a stirring majesty" - Get In Her Ears, UK (Premiere)
#WeeklyTopTracks - When The Horn Blows, UK
"A beautiful song that starts a little carefully to blossom into a nice pop song"PopMuzik, Sweden
"Newcastle" is a heroic song that will provoke your emotions [...] we recommend that you put it in your daily playlist"ParaPop, Indonesia
 riveting symphony. Its anthemic and high-spirited energy gives you goosebumps. This is a stirring pop pearl with a big beating heart" - Turn Up The Volume, UK

"Track of the week" - She Makes Music, UK
"giant, irresistible slices of dramatic electronic joy" - NARC Magazine, UK
"after hearing this section for the first time, I immediately went back to it – it’s simply excellent" - Spotlight Music, UK
"beautifully poetic" - 
Born Music, UK
"Euphoric new single" - With Guitars, UK
Alternative Tracks, UK
Find A Song, Germany

Ear Protection Required
That Buzzing Sound

GRAPHITE single 24/08/18

Played on Amazing Radio
"promises social commentary, strident synths and stinging pop hooks by the bucket load" - M-Magazine, PRS Magazine (Video Premiere)
'“Graphite” buzzes with the Goth-infused new-wave and synth-pop of the late ’70s and early ’80s" - The Revue (Premiere)
Reminiscent of a traditional Nordic kulning, the track opens up with singer Bea Garcia’s euphoric drawl, before exploding into a synth-heavy soundscape with an urgency lead by Garcia’s commanding voice" - When The Horn Blows, UK

"'Graphite' is the song you've probably been waiting your whole life for" - The Devil Has The Best Tuna, UK
"synth-pop-inspired belter" - Mystic Sons, UK
darkly mesmerising sub-three minute track" - Little Indie Blogs, UK
“Graphite” is undeniably catchy from start to finish"
 - The Vinyl District, US
"captures the swirling, tempestuous rage"
 - Analogue Trash, UK
"percussive stomper" - The Electricity Club, UK
Powerful and Dramatic, 'Graphite' is another awe-inspiring single from one of the UK's most promising emerging acts" - Earthly Pleasures, UK
"(Graphite) stands out from all of their other songs due to its aggressiveness"Guerrilla Radio, Romania
filled with dynamic, synth-heavy beats, sounding akin to the likes of Depeche Mode"Find A Song, Germany
A haunting post-apocalyptic intro sets the scene before the track takes off like a rocket into its punchy chorus full of bold and boisterous drums and synthy melodies" - Spotlight, UK
A sweeping, cinematic offering, it juxtaposes dynamic, synth-heavy beats with a twinkling musicality and the soaring impassioned vocals of front woman Bea Garcia" - Get In Her Ears, UK
  "ardent, blazing and totally infectious"
 Turn Up The Volume, UK
 gutes Hoering ist wichtig, Germany,

Top 5 September - Ear Jelly, USA
Come Here Floyd
My Beautiful Remix
Little Indie Blogs
Kool Rock Radio
Metal Rock Punk

Interview with Middle Tennessee Music
Interview with Female First
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Artist Spotlight in NE Volume

OUSEBURN single 09/02/18

"Rekindle the 00s indie-dance sound" - Mystic Sons, UK
"True anthems that could fill stadiums" - Radio3, Spain
"a sound and stage presence that many established artists would love to have for themselves" - Jenesaispop, Spain
"Who doesn't love Ouseburn, eh?" - Gigs NE, UK
"Rhapsodic electro rainbow" - Turn Up The Volume, Belgium
"Effervescent sound" - 
Mi Rollo es el indie, Spain
"A gem of a song"  - Music Injection, Australia
"vivacious, animated form of indie electronica that is completely their own" - Earthly Pleasures, UK
"Perfectly captures the essence of the place and gives the song its own vibrancy and purpose" - 
Electronic North, UK
"Craft euphoric compositions from often dour lyrical material"Electricity Club, UK
" A poppy groover, a la New Order at their up and at ‘em best" - The Crack Magazine, UK
"Tinged with both sadness and equally joy at the reincarnation of itself to once again become a vibrant centre" - Emerging Indie Bands, UK
  "It’s mighty frenzy inducing alternative power pop" - IndieBuddie, UK

"Looks set to be the year that they take a bigger leap into the public consciousness" - NarcMagazine, UK
"Ecstatic, pounding and synth-heavy [...] Both outwardly cool, and inwardly reflective, the track is pop music at it's best" - Spotlight Music, UK
The electro-pop/dream-pop/electronica-synth style that the band have crafted over several releases now, reaches it’s true potential on Ouseburn" - Halfway2Nowhere, UK

"Euphoric track" - IndieBuddy, UK
"Energy and character"Compact Cheese, Spain
Indie Music Nation

This is Good Music, UK